Registration fees in detail:

Attendees \ paid time

Before June 14

Between June 14 and August 31

After September 1

For non-students attendees

CNY 1500 / USD220

CNY1700 / USD250

CNY1900 / USD280

For students attendees

CNY1000 / USD150

CNY1200 / USD180

CNY1400 / USD210


Registration fees should be paid in Chinese Yuan (CNY) or US Dollars.

US Dollars should be paid to:

ADDRESS OF BANK (银行地址): No. 1, Shengli Street, Beibei, Chongqing, China (重庆北碚胜利路1)

NAME OF BANK (开户行): Bank of China, Chongqing, Beibei sub-branch, operation department

NAME OF ACCOUNT HOLDER (开户名称): Southwest University

ACCOUNT NUMBER (银行帐号): 110205103057

BANK NUMBER (银行行号): 104653086439



CNY should be paid to:

ADDRESS OF BANK (银行地址): No. 170-1, Yunhua Road, Beibei District, Chongqing, China (重庆市北碚区云华路170号附1)

NAME OF BANK (开户行): Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, branch of Chongqing, Chaoyang (工行重庆朝阳支行)

NAME OF ACCOUNT HOLDER (开户名称): Southwest University (西南大学)

ACCOUNT NUMBER (银行帐号): 3100028109024968877

BANK NUMBER (银行行号): 102653000474



IMPORTANT NOTES:  Please write “Zhisheng Zhang, ASA 2017” along with your name when you transfer fees to us. And please remember your transaction number, fill it in the registration form, let Zhisheng Zhang know as early as possible.


Registration fee including:

Welcome banquet on 19:00-21:00 of October 9; Lunch of October 10, 11, 12, 13;

Mid-meeting excursion fee; Meeting souvenirs.

 And not including:

Breakfasts. Included in the accommodation fee.

Suppers. Decided by yourself on the basis of your taste and custom. We will give some advice around the hotel.

Accompanying persons. If they want to join welcome banquet, have lunches and join mid-meeting excursion together with attendees, please pay 600 CNY on spot.