Committee official email address:, if you have any questions regarding the issues of registration, accommodation, and payment, please contact this email to Dr. Zhisheng ZHANG.

Email address for Abstracts Submission: to Dr. Jie LIU.



Dr. Zhisheng ZHANG

       On behalf of the Organizing Committee


       Tel & Fax: +86-23-68253106; Phone: +86-158 2391 6558

       WeChat account: spiderzhang123


Dr. Jie LIU

        Secretary of the Arachnological Society of China


        Tel: +86-159 7147 1571

        WeChat account: Sparassidae


Social group——WeChat

      To faciliate comunication with attendees, we have set up a contact group in WeChat, named as The Fourth Conference of ASA..

        Using WeChat by phone, you can easily learn real-time information, find any help related on the conference, transportation, and so on.